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Spinal Stenosis

Illinois Spinal Stenosis Injury Lawyer

The body can take a lot of punishment in a car wreck. One of the most common injuries in a car accident is to the back. Like a spondylolisthesis back injury, a spinal stenosis is common in Illinois motor vehicle accidents. Spinal stenosis is a condition which refers to  a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can result in pressure on the spinal cord and the  spinal nerves.  Spinal stenosis can be genetic and is often seen in aging adults from long-term wear. Other times, spinal stenosis can be caused from a traumatic event such as a car wreck.  This occurs when the vertebrae are shifted (spondylolisthesis) or from a herniated disc. The end result of either injury is that the spinal canal is left with less room – spinal stenosis.  Even though not every back injury is critical, it should not go ignored. If the injury is not treated, it could lead to a loss of function as the nerves die.

Types of Spinal Stenosis Back Injuries

In an Illinois car accident, the neck and lower back are more susceptible to injury. A spinal stenosis back injury narrows the spinal canal at the lumbar region or cervical region of the spine. A lumbar spinal stenosis back injury occurs in the lower back, but symptoms can be felt in the legs. A cervical spinal stenosis back injury occurs in the neck, and the symptoms can be felt in the arms. A spinal stenosis back injury can cause chronic pain in the motor vehicle accident victim and should be observed by a medical professional to prevent future physical problems.

Symptoms of a Spinal Stenosis Back Injury

Immediately after a car wreck, the victim may not feel any symptoms of a spinal stenosis back injury. The reason for this is that the narrowing of the spinal canal does not usually create symptoms like other back injuries. Symptoms of a spinal stenosis back injury usually appear when inflammation applies intense pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord that motor vehicle accident victims begin to feel symptoms such as:

  • Pain and weakness in the buttocks, legs, and calves
  • Loss of balance
  • Radiating or Cramping pain in extremities
  • Loss in range of motion
  • Bladder and bowel issues

If an Illinois car wreck victim suffers with a back injury that goes untreated, the result can be a spinal stenosis back injury. If the injury continues to go untreated, there could be other physical and health-related problems that follow. After a motor vehicle accident, the injured should ask to be examined for a back injury. If the symptoms of a spinal stenosis back injury continue for several days, a doctor with the right equipment should be consulted for a proper diagnosis.

Diagnosis of a Spinal Stenosis Back Injury

In the event of an Illinois car wreck, the injured are usually treated for their injuries at the nearest hospital. A back injury can be difficult to diagnose without being able to see the injuries. When a motor vehicle accident victim begins complaining of symptoms associated with a spinal stenosis back injury, the doctor should run tests to rule out any other conditions to be sure that the victim is being treated for the correct condition. In order to diagnose a spinal stenosis back injury correctly, the doctor may use an X-ray, MRI, or CAT scan. An X-ray will detect any debris blocking the spinal canal and a MRI can give a 3-D image of the area surrounding the spine. A CAT scan is one of the best devices that show the bone better than the nerve tissue, which helps the doctor see if any vertebras are fractured. If a spinal stenosis back injury is serious, a doctor may inject liquid dye into the spinal cord to show where the pressure is being applied.

Treatment of a Spinal Stenosis Back Injury

As like many injuries sustained from an Illinois motor vehicle accident, the treatment depends on the severity of the spinal stenosis back injury. If the symptoms are minor, conservative treatment for the back injury may require rest and limiting physical activities that use the cervical or lower back area. If the spinal stenosis back injury requires more than just rest, doctors may require motor vehicle accident victims to try:

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • A back brace
  • An epidural steroid injection

If the symptoms do not improve, surgery may be needed. The type of surgery for a spinal stenosis back injury depends on the severity and where the injury is located. The goal of surgery for a spinal stenosis back injury is to relieve pressure from the spinal cord or nerve by manually widening the spinal canal. Treatment for a spinal stenosis back injury is required in order not to lose motor function. If a nerve is compressed for too long, it may result in permanent damage.

No Health Insurance Required

When an Illinois car accident victim has to recover from a spinal stenosis back injury, it can be stressful enough. Many car accident victims do not have medical insurance and have the added stress of getting the expensive treatment needed for their spinal stenosis back injury. Our Illinois car accident attorneys understand how overwhelming it can be to have expensive medical bills when you cannot work because of injuries. We work with many medical professionals in Illinois everyday, so car wreck victims can receive the treatment they need even without health insurance. In most cases, we can arrange for you to get treatment even if you do not have insurance and we can also generally communicate with the health care providers to make sure they do not continue to try and collect payment from you until after the spinal stenosis back injury case is settled.

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